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Absolute Zero '89 (Brown University)
Absorbit '73 (Rutgers University - Livingston College)
Aire '80 (University of Pennsylvania)
Beacon '83 (Cal State Long Beach)
Bel Mondos '83 (Columbia University)
Big Breakfast '02 (University of Pennsylvania)
British Wire Gauge '82 (Stanford University)
Charlotte's Web '83 (Columbia University)
Chickita '93 (Harvard University)
Convertibles ’80 (Brown University)
Dr. Destructo '88 (Massachusetts Institute Of Technology)
Dubious Ranger '11 (Stanford University)
Finding Jupiter '11 (Stanford University)
Frankie and the Heartbeats '81 (Stanford University)
Fred's Band '82 (Columbia University)
Fur Event ’86 (UC Berkeley)
Furious Clams ’84 (Harvard University)
Fuzztones '83 (Ohio State University)
Garaj Mahal ’88 (Tulane University)
Gestures ’84 (University Of Washington)
Gotcha '76 (Stanford University)
Henchmyn '97 (UC Santa Barbara)
Horton’s Wrath ’88 (Princeton University)
Julie Claire '91 (UC Berkeley)
Lost Beat Heroes ’99 (Columbia University)
Merv Spiegel and the Penguins '90 (Stanford University)
Montgomery Burns Band '97 (Elon University)
Murphy's Lawyers '79 (Stanford University)
Mystery Dates '81 (Columbia University)
Needle Dik ’80 (Columbia University)
Nightwatch '67 (Princeton University)
Nimbleweed '07 (Stanford University)
Noise Petals ’88 (Princeton University)
Pariah ’79 (Bucknell University)
Phaedra '68 (Swarthmore College)
Raw Meat '78 (Stanford University)
Reel Heroes '80 (Brown University)
Rockets '69 (Yale University)
Rogue Cheddar '89 (UC Santa Barbara)
Roulette '87 (Stanford University)
Saint Booty '93 (Bard College)
Shallonj '01 (Columbia University)
Skinned Knees ’83 (Texas State University)
Southbound ’81 (Cal State Northridge)
Special Guests '86 (Columbia University)
Splendorbin '95 (University of Pennsylvania)
Stained Rug Theory ’86 (Brown University)
Stickmen (Harvard University)
The Art of Dating ’80 (Columbia University)
The Ways '81
Tiberio Nascimento ’76 (Columbia University)
Type O '81 (Brown University)
Urban Wood ’94 (UC San Diego)
VEX '84 (Georgia College)
Where's Julio? '90 (Stanford University)
Wildebeest '81 (Stanford University)
Xpress Lanes ’82 (University of Washington)
Young Hegelians ’89 (Brown University)