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Fur Event ’86

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Eric WagnerEric WagnerGuitar and Backing Vocals
James FearonJames FearonGuitar
Enoch BaldwinEnoch BaldwinBass
Tim TangherliniTim TangherliniDrums
Julie ClaireJulie ClaireVocals
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Only UC Berkeley could produce a popular bar band that sounded like Fur Event. Their cosmically warped steel guitar and surreal lyrics where midnight dreams blur with reality, maaaan, are very much of the brown acid variety, way more Altamont than Woodstock, and probably best appreciated by a campus that knows its 60s lore, warts and all. This is not exactly the Silver Bullet Band. Very little physical evidence remains of the 1986 quintet besides the songs here, which the band recorded on 4-track before fizzling out, but don't feel too bad for guitarist James Fearon and drummer Tim Tangherlini, who were apparently actually doing their homework and are now professors at Stanford and UCLA, respectively.
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