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Stop Skate Harassment

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Stop Skate Harassment

Vex '84  (Georgia College)


Color: White
Size: XS

Being harassed whilst pulling a McTwist off a vert ramp can be a real nosegrind. Stop the harassment with this VEX-inspired tee shirt.

• Fine jersey
• Slim fit
• Double stitched
• Made in the USA, sweatshop free

About The Artist

The hard-scrabble town of Macon, Georgia is well-known to many musicologists as the spawning ground of rawknroll pioneer Little Richard, soul superlegend Otis Redding, and Southern blues jam-masters The Allman Brothers. Until there was Vex. In the mid-80s the “heart of Georgia” was to suffer a major attack as Vex whipped up a punk rock thrombosis radiating from the heart of Macon, through the campus of Georgia College and beyond. Vex’s aim? Strike fear in the hearts of the jangling minions spawned by the likes of REM, which had nearly obliterated any dying traces of Georgia punkdom. Lead singer and drum synther Matt Grubb attended Georgia college and drew bassist Ned Grubb, drummer Gene Bass, keyboardist Barry Patterson, and guitarist Larry Stofko together like a synth-driven, punk rock magnet. The band cohabited as their EP was released, and the GCSU rock community showered love upon Vex as the band perfected their inspired fusion of punk and bubble-wave mainlined from LA's Suburban Lawns, Dangerhouse, and the Dickies. They were bequeathed practice space just across the hall from the radio station, where they would stop in after practices and guest DJ. This proved a fertile symbiosis for the developing musicians, especially as Vex’s audience grew. And grow it did: Vex stayed together for most of the 1980s, glorified in the Macon press and lauded at area concerts. Several reunion shows have since drawn adoring crowds, and Vex’s EPs have been spotted pulling up to $160 on eBay.

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VEX '84 (Georgia College)
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