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Raw Meat '78

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Jimmy JettJimmy JettBass
Tim ClarkTim ClarkRhythm Guitar
Dave LatchawDave LatchawDrums
Phil OttoPhil OttoLead Vocals
Dave FordDave FordGuitar and Vocals
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Dave Ford was the drum major for the notorious Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band, Phil Otto was a varsity swimmer who shared the weight room with John McEnroe, Tim Clark was a slacker and best-selling author-to-be, and Dave Latchaw and Jimmy Jett, well, who knows? What do these guys all have in common? They were Raw Meat! In 1978 they formed the band and played all over campus as well as in San Francisco at famed punk venues like The Mabuhay Gardens and The Deaf Club. Otto often performed wearing nothing but a black skeleton painted on his body. . . “I was very devoted to Iggy Pop, that’s all I can say.” Ford was an unbelievable virtuoso on lead guitar from the get go, and Latchaw was (and still is) incredibly hard hitting and precise behind the drum set. RM was definitely part of the SF punk scene which included everyone from Tuxedo Moon to The Dead Kennedys, but also sought to extend their efforts into other genres. Examples: the post punk reggae of Planned Obsolescence and the loungy stylings of Crazy Jenny as well as straight ahead punk anthems like Slogans. There was always something quirky and not just a bit psychedelic about the music Raw Meat created. . .Enjoy!
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