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Xpress Lanes ’82

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Pete NordstromPete NordstromBass
Jay MorganJay MorganDrums
Jon HatchJon HatchSax, Vocals
Brian LindemanBrian LindemanVocals
Jamie LaneJamie LaneGuitar, Vocals
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Formed in the fall of '80, The Xpress Lanes rocketed to recognition around the University of Washington from '80 to '84, known first as The Sacred Hounds, then the Hounds, then The Express Lanes, then The Xpress Lanes. Drummer Jay Morgan, singer/guitarist Brian Lindeman, and bassist Pete Nordstrom pledged Beta House Fraternity, so many fans may recall The Xpress Lanes as 'The Beta Band.' Non-Beta Housers in the Lanes include guitarist/vocalist Jamie Lane and saxophonist/vocalist Jon Hatch. The Xpress Lanes rocked mostly covers and played dances and parties around the UW in the early eighties. They also played the occasional bar gig and high school dance, according to Lindeman. The Xpress Lanes rocked mostly covers at dances and parties around the UW during the dawning eighties, sporting a sound somewhere between 70's hard-rock and the 'new wave' movement of the early 80's. The Lanes covered everyone from The Who to the Stones to Tom Petty to The Cars, even sneaking in a few tunes from The Circle Jerks and The Heats. The songs available here were recorded in '82 at Star Trak Studios in Shoreline, later the nationally-known Lang Studios. The Xpress Lanes lacked cash and needed to work fast, but they dug what they heard from the playback speakers. Their engineer smoked a lot of weed, and the band may or may not have benefitted from the contact. Nevertheless, the songs garnered a few spins on the UW radio station KCMU, now the mighty KEXP. Lane's heroic guitar work was The Xpress Lanes' secret weapon. Jazz-trained and under the influence of a heady brew of 70's FM radio, the UW jazz band, and the underground punk and indie scene, Jamie was one of the very few UW students at the time to sport a mohawk, earrings, tattoos, British-band buttons, and duct-taped arrows on his pants. After Xpress Lanes, Jamie would go on to the pioneering grunge band Bundle of Hiss, which also included future members of both Mudhoney and Tad. In December of '13 The Xpress Lanes bequeathed their original master tapes from the Star Trak studios sessions to world famous engineer/producer Jack Endino, long-time friend of Jamie and Pete from the former's Bundle Of Hiss and the latter's STAG days. Jack worked his archeological mastery on these tapes, resurrecting the music into Protools, then remixing and remastering. Available here for the first time -- to anyone who gives a damn -- are the original songs that accurately document The Xpress Lanes in '82.
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